Left Home Virgins, Came Back Vampires

My night has moved from books and music, to curves and Psych . Night everyone.

Trying to smile through feeling like hell. At least I am kind of good at it.

Ok sorry for posting anothee photo of yesterday’s outfit but AH! It was adorable! You know right up until I foolishly let my hair get wet and began to look like a mad scientist. #fashion #swimwear #vintage #pinup #classic

Headed to the waterpark with my family for my mum’s birthday! So of course I had to steal and outfit from Betty Grabel’s closet. #pinupgirl #pinup #style #40s #swimwear

Bright colors and kitty cuddles. #cat #kitty #mermaidhair #purplehair #bluehair #tealhair

Once more proving I am super attractive in the morning.

So I really hate to do this, but I can’t stay at that store anymore. I have had some really inappropriate things happen to me (being smacked on the ass with a paint tray by an elderly customer, being followed by another, having really lude things said to me) and were I the only one I had to worry about I would have told them to fuck themselves and quit a while ago. But since I am the person my mother counts on I can’t. I am coming to my tumblr folk, those few who still follow me for a massive favor. I am still going to try and sell some of my clothing and electronics but I am hoping some of you would be kind of enough to give me a couple of small donations so that I don’t quite drown this month. I hate having to beg but I am honestly at the end of my rope.

So if you wish to donate, please feel free to send it to my paypal

I … I have no words. Mostly just inappropriate thoughts and a puddle under me now.

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All kinds of fancy for no reason. #pinup #classic #style #pinupgirl #vintage #

Friday night. #nerdgirl #starwars #scifi #poisonivy #batman #dc #legs #stems #nopants #empirestrikesback

This place is killing me. I can take pleasant pictures to pretend but the truth is I am miserable. Between inappropriate comments/actions from customers, and my bosses passive agression or insane rudeness to both myself and the customers I have about had it. If I wasn’t helping my mother barely holding on to the house by my finger tips, and if my other 2 jobs had more business I would have left here months ago. Sorry for the mini whine session.

Bedhead and comic book babes.

Guess who made merry with the dye again? #haircolor #style #purplehair #tealhair #greenhair #bluehair

Yes that’s right I am more wary of people who willingly choose to not eat cheese than to meet a stranger from the internet.#priorities

So I had an awesome night met some oddly fabulous people but I won’t lie…. this is the moment my night was made. #discostu #discostudoesntadvertise #thesimpsons