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Beachy legs #beach #legs #sand #sable (Taken with Instagram)

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My shell

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In Between Days

Photo of me. By me. February 2012

So as some of you well know, I used to be involved with one Mr. Jack Scoresby, and those of you who do know this also know that things did not exactly work out.

Well after a year of being apart and both of us dealing with the events that transpired in our own ways we have come to the point where we can now be friends. Which I must say is kind of awesome.

Now, the reason I mention this nonsense is because this my little cats and kittens is Mr. Scoresby’s “trademark” fedora. I had mentioned to him that I still had it and originally attempted to extort copious amounts of bizarre kit-kat bars from him before he left Japan… But alas he declared he was actually kind of over his fedora wearing days, and on top of that really didn’t have the time to wander out into the magical candy ridden world that lay outside the military base. So even though I was saddened to lack delicious sugary treats.. It doesn’t mean I can’t take an awesome yet taunting photo with it

I am le SUPER BORED! I got stuck with babysitting the contractors who are installing insulation so i have been trapped home all bloody day! 

But it did give me a chance to be bored enough to take this freaking awesome picture!

Here but not pictured

Photo of me. By me. December 2011

This was yet another photo from a set i did in December that had been sitting on my sd card…

I rather like this one a lot actually ….

I’d rather be drinking martinis and staring at the moon

Photo by me. Of me. January 2012

Another photo from that last set i did …

Broken doll

Photo by me, of me. January 2012

Yet another photo from my little set from the other day …

Like a half forgotten dream

Photo of me. By me. January 2012

i really need to get out of this funk i am in …

I’d be luckier to walk around everywhere I go with a blind & broken heart that sleeps beneath my lapel

Photo of me. By me. January 2012

Ok so I did a mini set today and for some reason this one of my new favorite all time photos…
I think it may be because its kind of a good representation of how i have been feeling lately …. a little lost and out of focus to the world …

dear gods someone awesome just stop by my house with a bottle(s) of wine and watch anything with Bill Murray in it with me

Just Sable

Photo of me. By me. January 2012

Just in case you cats and kittens didn’t know I am Sable…
I live in Massachusetts
I smirk more then I smile
I am obsessed with science fiction and fashion
I can quote the movie Heathers from beginning to end
I think boys in vest or three piece suits are just about the sexiest thing imaginable
That is of course only second to a woman with a fire in her eyes
I hate birds. Unless of course they are flightless or birds of prey

There is a hell of a lot more to me, but I have never been big on spoon feeding information….

The Onion In The Petunia Patch

Photo of me. By me. January 2012

The name of this photo is a play on “petunia in an onion patch” which is of course what my mum called me while i was growing up….

Forbidden Fruit, Hidden Eyes

Photo of me. By me. January 2012

Things I do on a Sunday night…

Sometimes I Am Way More Girly Than I Let On

Photo of me. By me. December 2011

This is clearly my most Disney princessesque photo …

I am totally gonna have to do naked photo covered in blood to counter act all the sickening girly cutesiness that is going on here …

Oh yes … almost forgot i took this the other day! So glad I found my cat ears again ^_^

btw my night is shaping up to be awesome … downloaded the new episode of Sherlock and am enjoying some pretty amazing beer and my phenomenally comfy bed…