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Hiding behind beauty #mask #woodcarving #art #beautiful (Taken with Instagram)


 -Maria Danalakis. is AMAZING.

oh sweet freaking gods i would love to make all these costumes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wonder Woman justice is not apparently limited to punching the shit out of you and hauling you to jail. Cause lets face it sometimes a spanking can be effective

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Chéri Hérouard as “Herric”

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The Work Station by: Jujika

someone once said  this reminded him of me…

clearly he was right haha

Subtle and magical…


Poison Ivy 

Oh i am totally going to have to do a photo of this ….

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You guys, something totally cool happened about half an hour ago - I made my six hundred and sixty-sixth Etsy sale, which is, to quote Nathan Explosion, completely brutal.  To commemorate this extremely metal achievement I’m having a store-wide Etsy sale starting now and continuing through the end of this week.  Just use the coupon code “MADEOFMETAL” (you know, like robots) when you check out, and you’ll save 15% on EVERYTHING you order!

Things you should get because I’m almost out of them:



Also This

To anyone and everyone who has ever ordered from me: Thank you so much for your business.  Thanks as well to the wonderful tumblr powerhouses who have featured my work in the past, Justin Rampage, GameFreaks, Video Game Nostalgia, F Yeah Mega Man, et al.

Go! GO NOW! To buy some seriously awesome robot and tech themed prints and posters! … Were i not exceedingly poor i would be buying all kinds of stuff from this sale ^_^! 

this may well become my new icon….

Day 107…She Will Bewitch You …Mind,Body And Soul

Photo by me. Of me. 2007

sometimes i really do like my butt in photos … haha