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Some nights all you really need is some nudity and the light of your laptop…

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GPOY ^_~

You know it really urks the fuck out of me when people reblog my photos and take my words away…

yes i know sometimes i don’t say much more then “feeling off” or whether or not i am doing X Y Z  during the day… but sometimes i say things that are important to what is pictured and the second you reblog it and delete them that little bit of me that i had attached to a few pixels is gone… 

This happens most often with my nude photos and honestly those are the ones it bothers me the most with ….

Honestly there are enough voiceless naked women with photos all over the internet …please try not to turn me into one ….

Lets not lie… my cell phone camera is fucking amazing!

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Evil Eye

Photo by F. Perez. Of me. 2006

First off i know you are all shocked to see a photo of me shot by someone else! Its INCREDIBLY rare when i model for anyone who isn’t me. Main because I am a painfully picky bitch when it comes to photos of me.

I am however posting this picture in an attempt to only further Blackmagickopera's Snow White fetish haha

Day 186… You’re Turning Skin Into A Dirty Secret…

Photo by me. Of me.

No idea if i posted this already but don’t care… cause well its kind of awesome

All our senseless shouting calmed to quiet in her ancient memory

Photo by Sable V. O’Driscoll (psst thats me)

took this in October at a cemetery in Salem MA….

further proving that i CAN take photos of things that aren’t just me !


So i am kind of cheating for this weeks topless tuesday as i took this back in September but honestly not feeling so awesome today….

honestly i need to just cheer the fuck up … stupid boys and their stupid stupidness…..

I am almost pleasant… At least while I sleep

"You’re Still Diseased Get Off Your Cross Get Off Your Knees" Photo by me. Of me.

Sometimes when i don’t know what to shoot for a photo i just sit in front of a camera and go through as many expressions and emotions as i can… and sometimes i get more than one in one photo….

This would be a good example of that …