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Another photo from last night’s set of it’s too hot for clothes set….


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GPOY ^_~

Light and sinew

Photo by me. Of me. 2011

some days you just feel too good in your own skin to cover it up….

Between bows and bodies….

Photo of me. By me. 2011

So I am kind of late with the whole posting of my topless tuesday picture but it is still Tuesday in the central, mountain and pacific time zones so i suppose we can still call this one….

I am clawing the bloody walls lately …

everyone i meet is either a moron or completely uninteresting…

Not to mention I am feeling stagnant here … 

i need out…

i need a change of scenery…

i need to shake things up a bit

or perhaps have something shake them up on there own…

hmmm… now to just find a job in some random place and take off for a while…

Day 107…She Will Bewitch You …Mind,Body And Soul

Photo by me. Of me. 2007

sometimes i really do like my butt in photos … haha

Feeling a little more old hollywood glam today ^_~

Topless tuesday… Black & white edition! …. sooo not my best work but luckily it has boobies in it so it distracts from the bad haha