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Haven’t posted a mildly inappropriate photo in a while…

Issue corrected….

My bloody terrible topless tuesday pic! Kind of took it super quick with my cell … not my best but eh! ..

OH YEA! Just in case you didn’t know … I am having a print sale!!!!!

I am le SUPER BORED! I got stuck with babysitting the contractors who are installing insulation so i have been trapped home all bloody day! 

But it did give me a chance to be bored enough to take this freaking awesome picture!

Sleep is not one of my talents

Photo of me. By me. January 2012

(photo completely unedited)

As I have stated I have been in a funk as of late (friends m.i.a. and that whole getting older business that is due to occur far far too soon) I am doing my absolute damnedest to get out of it …  so tonight it shall be partial nudity and 80’s movies …(sadly i do not own Gleaming the Cube or the Legend of Billie Jean but eh c’est la vie)

AH! So I haven’t participated in Topless Tuesday in quite some time and have decided why not do it today!

Pretty Pale

Photo of me. By me. 2011

So this is the last one from this little grouping that i kind of like …. there were a few more but i kind of fell out of love with them…

Go-Go For a Wild Ride With the ACTION GIRLS!

Photo of me. By me. 2011

See no one has really figured out the connection with all the names of these photos .. but now that i have said this someone is totally going to google it haha

This one is really one of my favorites of this little series….

Oh, you’re cute… like a velvet glove cast in iron.

Photo of me. By me. 2011

Clearly this is another of my photos from yesterday … I both kind of love and hate this pic…

The point is of no return and you’ve reached it!

Photo of me. By me. 2011

so upon remembering it is Topless Tuesday I took this kind of awesome set that i am probably going to post sporadically  through the week …

I have had a random week this past week but it has definitely had some very up moments ^_~

Oh yea it is Topless Tuesday! And i thought it was amusing to do similar photos with out the dress haha (ugh i hate that poster in the background but eh what can you do its not my house haha )

Oh yes and i almost forgot it’s topless tuesday!

I am once more celebrating topless tuesday …

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No real words for this photo … just kind still feeling off … but things will get better dammit….

I need my bike and some cake….



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Let me tell you it is WAAAY too warm to be wearing clothing in my room… that could be because of the bike ride i just took though haha … either way i am opting for the panties only option right now… which i am seeing becoming a habit this summer!

You know it really urks the fuck out of me when people reblog my photos and take my words away…

yes i know sometimes i don’t say much more then “feeling off” or whether or not i am doing X Y Z  during the day… but sometimes i say things that are important to what is pictured and the second you reblog it and delete them that little bit of me that i had attached to a few pixels is gone… 

This happens most often with my nude photos and honestly those are the ones it bothers me the most with ….

Honestly there are enough voiceless naked women with photos all over the internet …please try not to turn me into one ….