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Damn sometimes I genuinely forget that this photo of me has been ALL THE FUCK over the internet…. haha¬†

Dirty Sexy Nerdy Parts…

Shot by (me) Sable V. O’Driscoll (Violent Indigo Photography) 2008

Model (me) Sable V. O’Driscoll

Fucking hipster Disney princess #fuckinghipster #redhead #glasses (Taken with Instagram)

They Say Silence is Golden…Sadly That is a Lesson I Never Really Learned

Photo of me. By me. December 2011

Holy 80’s Batman!

Photo of me. By me. 2011

No idea what i am doing in this photo but eh I still kind of like it!

No clever name for this… just me….

Photo of me. By me. 2011

Super lazy today …

and also rather 80’s

Morning kiddies! Just thought i would say hi before i head out to continue my job search (and yes when i go out i do button the top button of this shirt hell i even have a tie that goes with it)

The type of woman you want but should never have….

Photo of me. By me. 2011

So i did eventually put clothes on over that underwear today! haha