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Fucking hipster Disney princess #fuckinghipster #redhead #glasses (Taken with Instagram)

Here but not pictured

Photo of me. By me. December 2011

This was yet another photo from a set i did in December that had been sitting on my sd card…

I rather like this one a lot actually ….

Just Sable

Photo of me. By me. January 2012

Just in case you cats and kittens didn’t know I am Sable…
I live in Massachusetts
I smirk more then I smile
I am obsessed with science fiction and fashion
I can quote the movie Heathers from beginning to end
I think boys in vest or three piece suits are just about the sexiest thing imaginable
That is of course only second to a woman with a fire in her eyes
I hate birds. Unless of course they are flightless or birds of prey

There is a hell of a lot more to me, but I have never been big on spoon feeding information….

Let me tell you it is WAAAY too warm to be wearing clothing in my room… that could be because of the bike ride i just took though haha … either way i am opting for the panties only option right now… which i am seeing becoming a habit this summer!

We are built of stronger things then mere sinew and bone….

Photo of me. By me. 2011

Took this photo on Friday last … so slightly before i got my hair back to a proper red…. not in love with it but eh its still cute….

Enjoy looking at my photos??…Wanna help me out??

Photo of me. By me. 2011

but … i lack the money to get these awful demons out of my head!!! SO i come to you internet in the hope that you can help!

I would like to ask for a paypal( ) donation of just $1 (not saying i won’t take more though haha) to help me out ….
As always you are clearly not obligated and every cent would be appreciated but i just can’t take this pain anymore!

how about pantless hipster… will that work?

Photo by me. Of me.