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Ok everyone! So due to some unforeseen issues with both my personal health and family problems money is incredibly scarce at the moment. And while I would like to claim all is well, I am kind of drowning… SO! I have decided to do a print sale (finally I know)

So here are the prints that will be available for purchase. Please feel free to look though and choose as many shots as you would like and email me with the links and sizes of the photos you want along with your address, at (this is also the paypal address) PLEASE everything in donation form!

Prices are as follows

8x10= $25 minimum donation

10x13= $35 minimum donation

I say minimum donation because hell if you want to be a love and donate more to my silly little cause I will be eternally grateful!!!!



p.s. sorry this post is a bit ghetto I kind of made it super fast!

Get dumped… Get pretty…. That is how I am gonna deal with this

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