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Some nights all you really need is some nudity and the light of your laptop…

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Another photo from last night’s set of it’s too hot for clothes set….

What to wear? What to wear?

Sometimes I am mildly alien #blueeyes #popular #redlips #cute (Taken with Instagram)

It is rainy and crappy out … so it looks like i am gonna stay in edit photos and watch Alien….

Sable 1, Shitty weathered day 0

so i start today with suggestive photos in front of a mirror … good morning all …

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(so not thrilled with this photo but eh what can you do?)

You know i had never really been big on hearts until the last couple years … i suppose it was because my birthday is on Valentine’s Day and growing up almost everything i ever got for my birthday had a heart on it somewhere… but somewhere about my 23 birthday they started becoming cute to me… like they had gone from bad all the way to good… i suppose their novelty will fade yet again on me but for right now i just bought this damned adorable thing from H & M and i am gonna enjoy it  ^_^

Day 9…Feeling a bit… different

Photo of me. By me. 2006

oh i loved how my tummy here…. i am probably about 3 weeks of this same continuous ass kicking work out i am on to be back here ^_^ oh i can already see the difference YAY!

Forget this life. Forget this Universe

Photo by Sable V. O’Driscoll 2008(aka me)

Took this one a while ago … though the person who gave me the flowers is long since gone it doesn’t change the fact that red gerber daisies are my favorites and that i really like this photo


Photo of me. By me. 2010

yet another random photo from the depths of my SD card…..

Just borderline femme fatale

So! curious about my Art Exchange?!

Well fret not my little cherubs for i will explain yet again!!!!!

the idea is Quid pro art…. you give to get! you send me something you made and i will send you something i made!!!!

Now this whole thing doesn’t have to be with just me! NO NO!!!!

You could do this yourself!

The truth is i know that tumblr is full of amazing and creative people and to be honest feel we should share!!!!!!!

Not to mention I happen to follow/am followed by some AMAZING  artists/models/knitters/sculptors and i would love to share my work with you as much as i would hope you would want to share yours with me!!!!!!!!!!!!

so if you are interested in  joining in just slip me a message!!!!!!!

Afternoon all! i am just finally getting around to building my photo collage (thus why my bed is covered in pictures) and it has occured to me that i seriously need more art for this room… SO! Since i happen to follow/am followed by some kind of awesome artist/models/silly bastards I am proposing an Art Exchange!

what  i am thinking is that i will request messages and emails from all who want to participate and what i am thinking is that it is quid pro art! You send me something you made (painting, framed photo, bizarre sculpture whatever) and i send you something! (and by something i clearly mean one of my photos (though more then likely not one of myself))

That way i have awesome art from even more awesome people!

SO as i said if you want to get in on this nonsense just message me here and give me your email!!!! <3

some mornings i just feel….off…

Afternoon cats and kittens! my day is turning out surprisingly kind of well … shopped with the mother this morning for Zombie Jesus And His Diabetic Coma Inducing Bunny Day came home been hanging out with my brother … called a few places about jobs and tonight i will be having dinner with an old friend ! OH! And i have only taken one pain killer today! HOORAY!