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Bright Eyes and Books

Photo of me. By me. January 2012

So! I just happened to get a copy of my dear C.K. Burch’s book The Icarus Void in the mail today!!!! He kindly sent me a copy (as I personally do not believe in the whole e-reader nonsense that is poisoning the world) to write a review for him! 

30 Day Challenge

Day 3 A book you love.

for this particular one i was limited (at least for the photo) as most of my books are still in boxes in Boston. But I will tell you that Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar is one of my all time favorites.

It is the story of Ester Greenwood. An intelligent would be poet with great talent who happens to suffer a serious mental breakdown and a suicide attempt.

The story is of course based on the real life events that occurred in Sylvia’s late teen years. And for those of you who know anything about Ms. Plath you also know that she succeeded at suicide about a decade later. The book it self was actually published about a month after her death. 

Now with a tale of human introspection and sadness like this you would pretty much like to just peg me as a whiny brat. But the truth is i read The Bell Jar because it honestly gives me some sort of hope. If you take away the fact that the author killed herself and really pay attention to the characters you see that it is a story of triumph over depression. Yes the Ester hits rock bottom, crawls under the house and takes way too many sleeping pills. And yes she is institutionalized for a time. But she pushes through it. She sees what is wrong and tries to make it better . She eventually is released and finally learns to maintain a healthy state of mind. 

To be honest i think this book it self was a cry for help from Sylvia … She was trying to rehash a story of great pain that she had over come I believe in an attempt to give her the strength to hold on… Sadly it did not work for her … but i feel it has helped many a person who would have otherwise been victims of their own minds ….